Tuesday May 9, 1972
CHARLOTTE MOTOR SPEEDWAY- Chevrolets have a rich history at Charlotte Motor Speedway and, as this May. 28 World 600-mile stock car classic rapidly approaches, it appears that the year 1972 will do nothing to diminish that image. The major share of the attention on NASCAR ‘s Winston Cup Grand National circuit this season has been devoted to the red and gold No. 12 Chevrolet driven by Bobby Allison, defending World 600 winner, from Hueytown, Ala. And now, with the opening of practice for the 13th annual 600 just two weeks away, it appears that there will be not one but a group of competitive Chevys in the field.
Heading the list, of course, is Allison, who has won both pole positions and races in the Coca Cola entry this season and set the race record Of 140.442 miles per hour last season. But joining him in the role of Chevrolet standard bearers ‘are such drivers as brother Donnie Allison, Wendell Scott of Danville, Va., and Coo Coo Marlin of Columbia, Tenn.
Bobby Allison's 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
For 5 and a half hours David Pearson of Spartanburg, S. C., drove a high powered car around the Charlotte Motor Speedway to win the world 600 stock car race. As part of his prize, Pearson elected to take a new car. “I don’t have a car.” quipped! Pearson. “I might as well have a good one.”
On Tuesday before the Sunday race, Pearson was hired to drive the 1961 Pontiac belonging to John Masoni of Daytona Beach. Fla., whose chief mechanic is Ray Fox, also of Daytona Beach. For winning his first late model stock car race, Pearson took home for Masoni $21,200 in cash; the Pontiac pace car, a fully equipped convertible—including air conditioning—worth $5,200: $2,250 in lap money; and $800 for the first 1961 Pontiac to cross the finish line.
Charlotte Motor Speedway World 600 1961
May 23, 1975
David Pearson, Wood brothers are alive and well at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Gazette Sports Editor
HARRISBURG — Make no mistake about it. The most successful combination in superspeedway history is alive and well. When, selecting the favorite for Sunday’s 16th annual World 600, the man to beat and the car to beat David Pearson and the Wood Brothers Mercury.
After all, the Silver Fox not only put the Wood Brothers’ Mercury on the pole position Thursday afternoon with a speed of 159.296 miles per hour, but Pearson and the famed Stuart, Va. Car builders are defending champions of everything in sight. Pearson broke a 13-year drought a year ago by winning the World 600. It was the first victory for the Silver Fox at the Charlotte Motor Speedway since 1961. That ‘61 victory in a Pontiac was the first victory in Pearson’s Grand National career.
David Pearson and the Wood Brothers at Charlotte Motor Speedway